Ming is so right to say no to Labour

Well done to Ming for rejecting overtures from Labour to sit in their cabinet.

Labour, as we all know, suffer from a dearth of talent in what is a vacuous front bench of yes men and new Labour cronies. They are desperate for people of quality, which the Lib Dems ave in abundance.

What the whole Ashdown episode has shown is that Gordon Brown cannot be trusted. He was told clearly by Menzies Campbell that no Lib Dem would sit in his cabinet, yet Brown went behind Ming's back and approached Paddy Ashdown. This highlights what an untrustworthy piece of work Gordon Brown is. It does not bode well for the future.

The Guardian then printed the story claiming that Nick Clegg and Vince cable would be given cabinet jobs, a ludicrous notion now we know that no Lib Dem MP's were ever set to join the cabinet and (the offer was only to peers). The Guardian were told by the Lib Dems that there was no chance of Lib Dems joining the cabinet, yet still they printed the story as if it were true. Well at least the Guardian can be relied up to manage Gordon Brown's spin for him.

So well done Ming. Keeping Labour at arms length, or using a barge pole, would be the best advice from now on.


jimS said...


Yes Ming was so quick to reject it that he took 3 days to reject it and that was only after it leaked. He also did not consult his senior MP colleagues but instead spoke to some of his Scottish mates/peers.

Brown booked the appointment with Paddy BEFORE he heard back from Ming not after Ming rejected it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Is this the same Nick Robinson who said on Radio Five Live this morning that Gordon Borwn offered Ashdown the job AFTER Ming had already said no to Brown ?