WANTED : Decent Labour Bloggers

It seems there are no shortage of good Tory bloggers around. Like them or loathe them, Dizzy, Iain Dale, Ellee Seymour and numerous other established Conservative write varied and interesting blogs. Not only that bu they are swift to refer to Lib Dem bloggers, like me, in their own postings.

With the notable exception of Bob Piper, Labour bloggers seem to keep to themselves and outside of Labour circles, nobody seems to know who they are. Where are the other top Labour Bloggers ?

I desperately need some links, but the only other Labour bloggers tend to be party hacks, loathe to ever criticise their own party and too willing to add further spin to the spin already emanating from 10 Downing Street.

Any ideas anyone has about any Labour bloggers who are witty, funny at times, argue using evidence and don't narrow mindedly follow the party line on everything, then I'd love to hear about them.


Paul Walter said...

I like this one:


Also Tom Watson.

Some good ones come up here:


donpaskini said...

Andrew at Bloggers 4 Labour has a 'recent posts' section where you can look through hundreds of posts to see what takes your fancy.

Just a few Labour blogs which are witty, well argued, don't follow a party line and argue using evidence (and are much better at it than the Tory blogs you mention) are Antonia Bance at antoniabance.org.uk, Tom Hamilton at letsbesensible.blogspot.com, Unity at ministryoftruth.org.uk, Hamer Shawcross at britishbullshitfoundaton.blogspot.com, British Politics at britspin.blogspot.com, Chris Brooke at virtualstoa.net, and Idiots for Labour at idiots4labour.wordpress.com

I don't think any of them quote your words of wisdom much, but you might enjoy them anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Normal Mouth

Chris Black said...

Ministry of Truth is very good - long, detailed, well-argued posts

Anonymous said...

Here are some links to Labour blogs, though I'm not sure how decent they are.

Ellee said...

Thanks Nich, I almost tageed you on the Gordon Brown meme.

I like Antonia Bance too. What about having more Lib Dem bloggers? You will be very interested in the results of my PR project on MPs blogging - I have had a very positive response from them.

Joe Otten said...

Yeah, ministry of truth.

And this one: http://letsbesensible.blogspot.com/

Bob Piper said...

Thank you for your kind words comrade. I like Some Random Thoughts (http://www.jrd168.blogspot.com/) who often has a bit of banter with our local tame lib dem, David Nikel.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've given a few of them a test drive and added two more that I thought added to my blogroll and didn't duplicate the sor tof stuff foudn elsewhere.

I noticed that some labour blogs didn't reciprocate links, which seemed slightly odd and I avoided them. I've learnt that blogging is a communal thing and if you want to succeed then it is better to share.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Apologies for the poor spelling. i think my wireless keyboard needs new batteries.

JRD168 said...

Bob's kind words led me here- hello! I'll add Norfolk Blogger to my blogroll. I've been here a few times and found the site engaging. I do like to cross the fence sometimes and see what everyone else is up to.