Why do Radio Five have to send presenters to Athens ?

Do you ever get the impression that some people at the BBC treat the major sports events as a bloody good excuse to get out of the country on a "jolly" ?

The fact that Nicky Campbell was in Athens this morning was almost lost on me as, putting it simply, he was on the radio ! Why couldn't he speak to people in Athens via a link like they do on other occasions ? Why send him to Athens to report on one news item (the Champions League Final) when all the other news he was reporting on was UK based, so he had to speak down the line back to London.

Just like the world cup last year, too many people at the BBC are a little too profligate with tax payers money. For TV news, yes, I can see why they need to be there as we can see them, but radio ? he may as well have been on Mars !

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