Drunken promises

I was reminded the other day why it is important not to make promises or pledges whilst have a few drinks.

On Friday night after a few drinks out with friends I happened to mention in passing that I'd always wanted to be fit enough to run a half marathon. Note, "wanted to be fit enough". This does not equate to actually wanting to do a half marathon.

Within a flash, one friend who recently ran a half marathon offered to sign me up for a half marathon next April and in my jolly mood, I was dead keen on it and agreed to do it.

Now the problem is, with a baby on the way soon and a sudden realisation that 13 miles is a very long way, I am a bit less keen. I like to keep fit, but 13 miles !!

Still, I said I'd do it and I am a man of my word, so at least it will give me a goal. But I'll be much more careful in future when I've had a drink not to make foolish promises.

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