Overheard at the supermarket - Funny but true

When queueing to pay for some milk at my local supermarket yesterday I noticed that the girl on the till was very chatty, making time to speak to everyone and generally seemed to be following what is no doubt company advice to engage with the customer.

As she started scanning through the items of the people in front of me, quiches, alcohol, fruit juice, mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, vol-au-vents, crisps, it dawned on her that the items were all party food,

"Ooh, you lucky people", said the girl on the till "A party !"

Silence from the customers

"I love parties, can I come along, what's the special occasion ?" She added

"My mother's wake" replied the woman customer.

I felt very sorry for the shop girl as the colour she went and the look on her face made me wonder if she too was shortly going to need a wake.


Chris Black said...

The supermarket 'overheard' that's sticks in my mind was a mother saying to her daughter, aged about 4:

"And stealing's a sin as well!

That left me curious on more than one level.

Joe Otten said...

Of course there is a fair chance that the customer was making up the wake in protest at the familiarity.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Really funny - almost died laughing!

Paul said...

I once overheard a man complain to a girl at a cafeteria checkout that he had wanted cream in his coffee, not milk.

When he had gone, she turned to her colleague for support.

“How was I to know?” she asked her friend ruefully. “I mean, I’m not psychopathic, am I?”