Why I'm forced to support Manchester United today in the FA Cup

Whilst everyone else seems to be raving about the showpiece FA Cup final featuring the two top teams in England (Manchester United and Chelsea), nobody seems to realise that for some neutrals this is not exactly the final we wanted.

Knowing that the two most hated teams in England are playing each other does not set the pulse racing, What I want in an FA Cup final is a plucky underdog or two teams who are not at the top of the league but for whom an FA cup final is the most special moment of their careers.

However, I am able to be a little less biased, writing as an Everton fan today. As part of the deal that Took Wayne Rooney to Manchester United, Man Utd are forced to pay Everton a sum of money after winning each trophy, which I believe in this case would mean another £150,000 to Everton should United win.

So for today, and today only, "Come on you reds !"

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