Is there a company with a funnier name than this ?

The BBC are reporting HERE in their football gossip pages that Watford's kits are to feature a new name on them from next year. BEKO will replace the names of their Turkish parent company. Now I don't know how you say the names in Turkish, but in phonetic English I don't think I have seen many funnier names.

I can see why Watford Football club would prefer BEKO to Arcelik and Koc holding !


Lizzy said...

Presumably an Arse lick and a Cock holding is Elton's Watford influence ?

Meral Ece said...

I can tell you that Turkish is a phonetic language, and that the 'c' is pronounced as a j. My own Turkish name - Ece, is pronounced Eje, prouncing each letter. I can see what you mean about those who pronounce the words phonetically in English though, in Turkish its Archelik, and Koch.