What ever happens in Big Brother 8, can it get sicker than this ?

Australia, not to be out done by the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother, seems to have shown us that when it comes to reality TV, it does not get any worse than the original non clebrity version of Big Brother.

When one of the contestant's father died, the Big Brother producers decided not to tell her. Apparently citing the fact that her father's dying wish was for her to remain in the Big Brother house.

This raises two questions for me.

Firstly, at what point does your own real life become so crap that you have would want to lock yourself away in the "Big Brother" reality experience and why would you want to remain ignorant of the well being of your own family ?

Secondly, if it was her father's dying wish, if it is her boyfriend's wish too that she remain in the house is it because of a genuine regard to the situation or because they know that public sympathy for her is likely to be so much that she is now odds on to win the show and the prize money.
To my mind, it shows an odd sense of what is important in life. I guess it does show though that the desire for "celebrity" status is not just an awful British disease.

With Big Brother 8 about to burst on to our TV screens this week on Channel Four, it is clear that some people value reality TV more than reality.

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Paul Walter said...

Agree with you. And I think the young lady will regret it in years to come. I missed my grandmother's funeral and have never forgiven myself.