"The end of the world isn't nigh"- Say eco campaigners

It was welcoming today to read some serious academics who have been researching climate change since the 1970's and not simply taking other academics work out of context (as "The Great Global Warming Swindle" did) produce some evidence that people are being turned off doing things that can benefit the fight against climate change because of the "Hollywoodisation" of the arguments and the tone used by doom merchants.

Hardly a week goes by without us hearing about the earth reaching "the tipping point" of "it's already too late" or "the end of modern civilisation" in arguments about global climate change. this, the academics argue, means that many people believe it is too late to do anything or that their contribution, however, big, is pointless and will make no difference.

I agree with the academics views on this. Personally it matters little what I do about recycling because my carbon footprint compared to that of a new Chinese coal fired power station is tiny. however, if climate change can be sold to people in the basis of saving householders money, helping your own local environment and at the same time all this making a small contribution to reducing your carbon footprint, then it will mean that more people will be keener to become eco friendly.

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