Derby fans show the nasty face of football - Playoff shame at Pride Park

Firstly, well done to Derby County Football Club on reaching the playoff final.

Now to my main point. What a sad and pathetic sight those few thousand Derby fans who invaded the pitch after the penalty shoot-out victory over Southampton tonight were. The really sorry sight of players having to run for cover to avoid fans, depriving those good loyal fans who stayed in their seats the opportunity to congratulate their team must really sicken "real" Derby fans everywhere. However, the worst scenes were from those several hundred who ran over to the Southampton fans and attempted to goad them.

The Derby stewards appeared to be doing very little whilst the police were nowhere to be seen. Had this been in Italy or Spain we would have been complaining over and over again, and rightly so. To me, it was sickening to see hundreds of people gesticulating, insulting and gesturing at Southampton fans who, already gutted by losing a penalty shoot-out and facing a long and tiring journey home, then had to tolerate that sort of treatment from a mindless minority of Derby fans.

I hope Derby County will take action against those fans who invaded the pitch as it didn't give football or Derby County a good name.


Anonymous said...

Boo, Derby, Booo.

Do you remember the old Baseball ground? Freaking great idea the away parking was there ~ all herded to a Rolls Royce (SP?) car park, so after the game, the DLF could pick you off on the way back after the game.

And they always used to always beat us as well. Isn't any fun being a Grimsby fan :-)

Boo, Derby, Boooooo

Barrie Wood said...

Us Forest fans prefer to call it Shame Park - looks like the Sheep lovers lovers get no better. C'mon Wolves or WBA in the final ;-)

Having experienced the 'friendliness' of Derby fans first hand yesterday's behaviour comes as no surprise.

Still, here's to the Tricky Trees renewing acquaintance with our 'friends' down the A52 next season should we emerge from the L1 play-offs.

CS said...

How ridiculous! The 'invasion' was an expression of relief and joy and the so called goading was part of a long footballing tradition.
Why not focus on the Wolves fans ripping out the seats at the Hawthorns?