18 signatures short - John McDonnell is in last chance saloon

Yesterday's announcement that Michael Meacher was to withdraw from the Labour leadership race in favour of John McDonnell was supposed to herald a left wing challenge to Gordon Brown.

The logic behind Meacher's withdrawal was that McDonnell stood the better chance of getting the required number of signatures between them, Meacher and McDonnell were supposed to have 45 signatures, however, news that McDonnell is 18 signatures short indicates that few of Meacher's supporters have been willing to switch.

So it looks increasingly likely that a coronation will occur. Does the lack of 45 signatures herald a death of the left wing within the parliamentary labour Party or is it a sign the Brown really is the man ?


Tom Papworth said...

Personally, I'm a big supporter of John McDonnell. What we need right now is a radical left winger in hoc to the unions running the Labour Party.

By "we" I mean the Liberal Democrats, of course!

Maltheus said...

Regadless of ones views of McDonnell i think that there should be a contest. A party is always stronger when ideas are debated and exchanged and the best ideas win. Its like having a intense debate, i think the outcome of a contest would be a stronger GB