How to actually get the police round to deal with anti social behaviour

Why is it that the newspapers are always full of stories about the police failing to respond to 999 calls when people phone to give information about kids and anti social behaviour ?

Why do members of the public feel that they have to take the law in to their own hands when nobody in the police force seems to be willing to arrest people causing mayhem in their communities ?

Well, I have the answer. If you want to the police to turn up mob handed, wearing their full body armour and make an arrest at 12am in the morning then tell them the attacker was a TV personality and you can barely control the police's enthusiasm to make an arrest.

Quite what threat a 60 year old Chris Tarrant was going to be to society at 2 am asleep in his hotel, god alone knows, but we can all sleep well tonight knowing that spoon in a napkin will not be causing the good people of Nottingham any trouble.

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