What information does your council send candidates ?

As a local government candidate in two weeks time, I have been astonished at the tiny amount of literature I have been sent by the council.

I received a letter saying I am a candidate, but nothing else.

It was my experience four years ago when standing in another District to get a confirmation letter followed by a letter detailing who my opponents were, who their nominees were and also to receive a pack of information to be completed by me and/or my agent.

Have the rules been changed on what a council could and should send out to candidates ? Any other candidates out their who would like to share information on what they receive ?


David Boothroyd said...

I've stood three times in Westminster. In 2006 I got nothing (the letter confirming I stood nominated was sent to the agent).

In 2002 I just got the letter confirming my candidacy.

In 1998 I got the letter and the basics of an induction pack, with an invitation to a meeting for all candidates to get a briefing on the council

Paul Walter said...

Nich, I have received three weighty missives from West Berkshire Council so far. I think two had forms to be filled out regarding inductions after election etc

Ryan said...

I got a very large pack will all the forms to be filled in before and after the election.
I then received confirmation of being a candidate.
Being an agent I also got confirmation.
Finally the full list of candidates was requested via email and then days later available on the City Council website.

David Nikel said...

I received a letter confirming my candidacy from Sandwell Council, followed up a few days later by forms/information on expenses, postal votes count details and a list of polling stations