Norwich Labour take credit for Tory County Council's Schools

I saw an interesting Labour leaflet today that is going out in Norwich (Mile Cross Ward).

It took credit for various things (as you would expect) some which Labour can genuinely take credit for, and one which stood out as being nothing to do with the Labour Party in Norwich.

The most brazen was Labour taking credit for the building of new school buildings in Norfolk. They actually tried to claim that it was thanks to the government because the government had allowed the PFI to go ahead.

Perhaps someone should point out to Labour that Norfolk County Council has responsibility for schools and it is Tory run. Secondly, the PFI may have been "allowed" by the government, but it is an arrangement between Norfolk County Council and the PFI provider. Perhaps most importantly, whilst they are taking the credit for this, they are not revealing that the PFI is in fact a big loan and a way of the government getting out of its responsibility to properly fund education improvements.

If anyone can take credit for the PFI, it has to be Tory run Norfolk County Council who, despite catastrophic cuts in central government grants, are at least making some effort to move education forward in Norfolk, without any help from the Labour government.

Schools will lose 12% of their budgets for the next 25 years in order to pay for this PFI. The government will not be paying schools an extra 12% to cover this. To then try and claim credit for this is really is taking the mickey.


Anonymous said...

In my experiences, it's usually the Lib Dems who claim the success of others.

Norfolk Blogger said...

That's sad Justin. I actually give the Tories credit and you take a snipe at the Lib Dems. Shame !

Anonymous said...

No, just letting you know about my experiences. I have often praised the wisdom of the GLA Lib Dem Group, esp. your Transport spokesman, Geoff Pope, AM. I've also said that you'd get my vote if you were my local candidate...

Maltheus said...

A good raft of posts since being referred by Iain there Norfolk blogger. I think this is a good and honest post - rewarding credit where credits due even though its not your party! Don't make a habit of it though!