Francis Maude. Dim, a stupid toff, a liar or just a nasty piece of work ?

I picked up this quote from Francis Maude on Iain Dale's blog.

"It’s also alarming that, of the three main political parties, the Liberal Democrats have the worst record in local elections of fielding candidates against the BNP. It is time that they woke up to the danger posed by this extremist party."

Of course, what he does not list is that the Lib Dems are the most successful party at winning seats off the BNP. He also fails to mention how many seats the Tories have gained from the BNP. From my memory, it is zero. Oh, and Francis, which party set up a special campaigning unit to fight against the BNP ? No Francis, I'll tell you. It was the Lib Dems.

Iain refers to Francis Maude's comments as "trenchant". Dim politically motivated misrepresentations of the truth would be nearer the mark. Alternatively, he is just very, very dim !
P.S. Great minds eh ! Even loyal Tories are not pleased with Maude either. For different reasons from mine I'll grant you, but still, worth reading The Hunter for an alternative take on him.


Alan said...

You claim to be "fair, open minded".

As I am busy collecting worthwhile blogs, I came to check you out.

I won'tbe back.

Alan Douglas

Norfolk Blogger said...

Alan, as you don't even let people view your profile, I'll not lose any sleep about your decision.

Peter Pigeon said...

I think he's just innumerate. The Tories claim to be fighting 88% of the seats across the country, but are only fighting 80% of the seats BNP have put up for. Are some local deals are taking place.

Anonymous said...

To the pigeon man: you're talking crap. It is not Conservative councillors who nominate BNP candidates...

Nich, much as I like you and appreciate your blog, what this fascination/obsession you have with Iain Dale?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, I mentioned Iain in passing in a story this morning asking "ahat would Tory bloggers like iain Dale make of ...", he responded to me directly. So it stems from there really.

Othewise, I think I have mentioned you more than most other Tory blogs, occasionally Dizzy too.

Anonymous said...

What's your view on my take on Maude (lastest post). I certailny don't think that I'll get many brownie points from CCHQ.

Alan Douglas said...

Norfolk Blogger said...

"Alan, as you don't even let people view your profile, I'll not lose any sleep about your decision."
Thanks for this, I did not even know I could have a profile, but if you really want to, now you can see who I say I am.

I bet you still won't lose any sleep.

Alan Douglas

Norfolk Blogger said...


Thanks. I always prefer "open" comments from people. You claimed yesterday I showed no balance. have you read the piece I wrote on Norwich City Council taking the credit for Tory actions ?

You should never judge a blog on one single story.

Richard said...

Winning seats is the choice of the electorate, not a thing that the "liberal" "Democrats" can take take credit for. Actually putting forward and supporting a candidate is something that a party can take credit for.

As for Iain Dale, you might learn a thing or two from him. Even when talking about political opponents he runs to basic courtesy and decency. If he makes insults they are appropriate, proportionate and he justifies them, even if you might disagree with the justification.

On the other hand you throw random insults at Francis Maude with nothing in your post to justify them.

If you had some common decency them people like Alan Douglas and I might, having found your blog, visit again. Then you might have the sort of broad, varied traffic Iain gets, maybe even the numbers he gets.

Alan Douglas said...

OK, touche !

I'll put you on my bookmarked list, and follow threads, maybe even comment again.

You will have gathered I am not a techie !

Alan Douglas