Lib Dem signs BNP nomination paper

Iain Dale brings to our attention (belatedly in my case) that a Lib Dem in the North East has signed a nomination paper for a BNP candidate.

Let me make my opinion crystal clear on this. I have members of my family who would, under a BNP government, be forced from these shores to live in countries that they have never lived in or even visited. My sister in law is of Indian descent (although she would describe herself as a scouser and her accent certainly verifies this), and although never supporting the aims of views of the BNP (unlike a number of Tory supporters), I have more reason than most to oppose them.

Furthermore, I would utterly condemn the actions of this idiotic Lib Dem and moreover, I would like to see him thrown out of the party.

Now Iain, back to you. How about some proper condemnation, perhaps expulsion for your fraudulent Lord ?

P.S. Iain will no doubt be as delighted as I am to know that he has already been disowned by Darlington Lib Dems. The link to this story can be found HERE.

P.P.S. The linked story from my P.S. seems to have been altered and no longer links on to the statement from Darlington Lib Dems. It appears, and this is covered elsewhere, that with his nomination papers in already, the Lib Dems cannot withdraw his candidature and cannot alter his description, much like the famous defection of a Lib Dem PPC in a parliamentary by-election back in 1994. Lib Dem Voice reports some people have been duped in to signing forms under the misapprehension that candidates were standing as Independents,with the BNP description added after they had signed. Of course this is just not the case in Darlington and is just bloody stupid ignarance on the Lib Dem councillor's part and he has no defence in my opinion.


Peter Pigeon said...


Iain Dale said...

Nich, indeed I will. You will have read on my post that I have urged Lord L to get his affairs in order PDQ. I believe David Cameron has said the same. It's simply not good enough. People in his position need to abide by the rules without equivocation.

The LibDem councillor has stood down, but as for being disowned, I'm not sure that is accurate. But if you say so!

Tony said...

The link is not bringing up any story so I do not know what has happened. But the Lib Dems in Darlington were allowing Jones to remain as a candidate because of his hard work in the ward. Has that since changed?

Yo Ferenc Blair said...

According to the BBC his name is still on the Ballot Paper as a Lib Dem even though his name might have been removed from the literature. Is it too late to add a new candidate to the ballot paper?