Iain Dale and the new 45 minute threat !

Iain Dale today warns us of a new 45 minute threat. Apparently, in the time he posted to his blog (45 minutes ago) tumbleweed will grow and Lib Dems can be accused of hypocrisy, all because we fail to respond in 45 minutes.

Beware one and all, unless you can respond in 45 minutes, you too might be accused !


Jonny Wright said...

Hard one to call, this. Both you and Iain seem to have complained about each other "tactically" playing down stories ... but your blogs both have an open and declared bias in favour of different political parties, so what do people expect?

I think the only way to solve this is for you two to have a mud-wrestling match, live on 18 Doughty Street, with the loser having to say sorry!

Tom Papworth said...

That's a bit harsh, Jonny.

I think it would be enough if the loser "expressed a degree of regret that could be equated with an apology."