I hope Great Yarmouth borough Council have better architects than other councils

Great Yarmouth councillors have given the go ahead to build a £10million new council building and offices.

All I can say is i hope they have better architects than other Norfolk councils had.

County Hall - Ugly building, has leaked ever since it was built. Big and airy, but nobody who works their likes the building.

North Norfolk - Big "Norfolk barn" style, open beams, open plan, far too hot in summer, freezing cold in winter. Some of it built on multiple levels (up and down steps), making it a nightmare for anyone who is disabled. Built in the late 1980's, early 1990's with windfall cash from water privatisation. Amazingly, they failed to add facilities to allow easy cleaning of the windows (to save £50,000), but then paid £5000 a year to get specialist window cleaners in !

Breckland - Ran out of money before they finished the air conditioning. As a result, air is stagnant, absolutely baking hot al year round but areas near windows are freezing cold.

Broadland - Horrible 1970's monstrosity. Horrible place to work (I've worked their) awful council chamber.

So I really hope Great Yarmouth does a better job than all these councils.

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