Well done to Norman Baker and co

I don't like filibustering, but today I will make something of an exception.

Filibustering was a well known trait in recent years of one MP who is no longer with us. He used to talk out pieces of legislation that wide ranging ross party approval like bringing in minimum standards for mini cab drivers in London, and used to see himself as virtuous because of it. However, today's filibustering effort seems, for once, to involve MP's doing so not out of self interest, because it was self interest that would have seen MP's vote to exempt themselves free of the law regarding Freedom of Information. Instead today's filibustering came from a group of MPs, largely lead by Norman Baker, but supported by other MP from all parties, who saw the amendment from Conservative David MacLean as an attempt to put MP's above ordinary citizens when it comes to the law.

So well done to Norman Baker and those MP's from all parties who made sure that MP's are subject to the same laws as me. They are real democrats doing their jobs well.

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Tristan said...

Filibustering is great. It stops legislation being passed, surely a good thing given politician's of all stripes being very talented at passing bad legislation ;)