Just to add some balance

Yesterday I responded to Iain Dale's challenge to denounce a Lib Dem who signed a BNP candidate's nomination paper. I make it clear, he should be thrown out of the Lib Dems and I am pleased that Darlington Lib Dems have also disowned him, although due to the fact his nomination papers are already in, he remains on the ballot paper as a Lib Dem, even though the Liberal Democrats no longer support this candidature.

To add some balance, I am reminded of this story from a week ago which highlights the rather unsavoury language and messages coming from a Tory candidate in this election. I have not seen any follow up from the Tories to suggest he too has been suspended. Can anyone update me on this ?


youdontknowme said...

Bloody hell! A Lib Dem supporting democracy. We can't have that!

Norfolk Blogger said...

It is a lib dem signing the nomination papers of another political party. Don't act dim.

youdontknowme said...

So he shouldn't support the right of other parties to contest a seat against his party?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Party rules state that Lib Dem members should not be seen to be supporting other political parties. Quite obviously anyone who wishes to support another party should not be a Lib Dem, they should join the party they are offering support to.

If this is the level of debate that the BNP offer then it says much.