Angus MacNeil and two teenagers

What does an SNP MP do after a party when his wife his heavily pregnant ?

Apparently he has a "romp" (make of that phrase what you will) with two teenage girls. Certainly this is what the BBC are reporting.

For an MP for the Western Isles, an area that takes its religion very seriously, this must raise a few questions about Angus MacNeil as a person.

He led the calls for the cash for honours probe. Seems like he likes to do some probing himself !

P.S. Iain Dale hints on his blog about a dirty tricks campaign against Angus MacNeil eminating from the Labour Party. However, it is clear from the BBC that the substance of this story is true.


Anonymous said...

This really is a non-story, Nich. I'd pull it.

Iain Dale said...

This is a Labour inspired smear. They're frit of the SNP and will do anything to damage Angus MacNeil. Angus deserves an honour himself. He's a throughly decent guy who has been expecting this for some time. The Police are investigating. See my blog.

Anon again said...

Qutie right to suggest that this might present him with a problem or two in his consituency. 17 and 18 year old girls are grown women in this world and I presume they enjoyed it as much as him?
Otherwise a non-story that a pro-labour hack has been saving up for the Scottish elections.
Who gives a shit?
In Scotland labour domination could evaporate in the same way the Tory and Unionist domination of the 1950's became history. Interesting times, if you live in Scotland then vote for the candidate best placed to defeat Labour.

Anonymous said...

MacNeil was still employed as a teacher when the incident occurred. Is buying children drink and engaging in romantic (sic) interludes acceptable for a teacher?