How much crap can one person gather after four years on a council ?

I decided today, having put up a load of new shelves and painted another room, too clear out all the council related stuff I have managed to acquire over the last four years.

Christ alone knows how much rubbish my father, a councillor of sixteen years, must have, but I had enough rubbish, and let me be quite clear about this, it was rubbish, to fill nearly two bin bags.

I feel I am purging myself of mt North Norfolk responsibilities, although if anyone in Fakenham has a problem, they still have three and a half weeks to contact me and I'll be happy to do what I can to help.


Anonymous said...

One of the joys of not having actually been elected! Do you know how much work a parish cllr has to do?

Antony said...

Hello Nich. Long time no speak ... are you not standing for Broadland DC in Taverham (??? or somewhere). I noticed it in the EDP.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I am not mentioning i there as I don't want to incur extra election expenses.

The seat is a bit of a carve up between Concservatives and Condependents (to describe her as an indepedendent would require anyone to ignore her voting record).

I'll happily discuss the situation after 3rd may, but not now as the Representation of the People Act is complicated enough at the best of times.

Thanks for looking in again.

Peter said...

Good to hear the age of the computer has made the paperwork reduce?!****