Riverside Heights - the ugliest building in Norwich ?

Everytime I come to watch Norwich City plan I am always shocked at the monstrosity of a building that has recently sprung up next to Carrow Road. Riverside heights is a ghastly building which looks something like a group of portakabins lashed together or even that prison ship they used to use down in Portland. I am told this is the norm for modern flats in London. Its a shame that architects feel that plastic and metal with outside stairways like old 1960's flats are the way forward.

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Starls said...


I agree - artists impressions can paint a very nice picture of any type of building but these look so ugly and 'unfinished' (the finished one's that is) and are going to date horribly.

I wouldn't say this is the norm for London flats, although on some of my infrequent visits to the big smoke I have seen similar dated looking developments as much as some nice ones.