Who told the BBC that Fearne Cotton is a good presenter ?

I enjoy Red Nose Day, and the TV that goes with in in a way that I don't enjoy Children in Need.

Children in Need, although a completely worthy cause in every way tends, for me, to be embarrassing. It involves talented people doing things that they shouldn't be doing. If you are good at reading the news or at being a TV chef, then stick to that, don't do poorly rehearsed songs from South Pacific.

Comic Relief however, is about funny people being funny, which is why I like it. However, this brings me to Fearne Cotton. She is neither funny, obviously talented or indeed for that matter particularly professional, so why do the BBC believe she is the new messiah ?

Any sort of show which requires a co-host suddenly sees chirpy smiling Fearne Cotton burbling through the lines on her autocue like a train through a heard of sheep. No subtlety, no sense of understanding or empathy for what she is reading, just a rush of words and that sickly smile beaming through the screen at you. If tonight isn't enough she will be co-hosting "Making Your Mind Up" tomorrow night with Terry Wogan on BBC1.

Come on BBC, find someone else. It's spoiling my viewing.


Anonymous said...

And what was it with their camera angles tonight. Everything seemed to be filmed from knee height.

Agree Fearn Cotton is crap.

Neil Welton said...

"Why do the BBC believe Fearne Cotton is the new messiah?" What do you expect. She is related to the BBC's Bill Cotton after all.

Zoe said...

Yeah I hate her, have you seen some of the things she has told magazines?
She's such a whore!
She dumped Ian Watkins for... wait for it... ROBBIE WILLIAMS!
But yeah she is a whore to be honest

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm not sure she is a whore, but I was fascinated to read from Welton that she is related to the Cotton clan. It explains a lot.

Dean Stoneman said...

She's so crap, no presence, no knowledge, sense of ocassion, completely bloody stupid. Let's face it anybody could look good at the Diana and Me Concert and she failed, to ask her to appear on Formula 1 is just plain idiotic. Get rid BBC.

Anonymous said...

Fearne is great,i think you lot are just boring so get a sense of humour and enjoy yourselves.Fearne Cotton is the funniest and i bet you all secretly love her really!!!

info said...

Holy crap! She is the most insincere human being I have had the misfortune of watching on tv - she makes my ears bleed!