Some Conservative Councils "hit families the hardest " says Tory Spokesman

The headline is correct, so long as you follow the reasoning of Caroline Spelman, Tory shadow spokesman for local government to the logical conclusion.

She is quoted on the BBC website as saying saying about the axing of weekly bin collections "Axing weekly collections will hit families the hardest ".

Really Caroline ? Is this your honest view, if so, all those Conservative run Councils around the country are "hitting families hardest".

Now I know that a good number of Lib Dem council's are also running twin bin systems, with fortnightly collections. Indeed, I was part of the panel that introduced this to North Norfolk. However, the Lib Dems are not seeking to have a go at the government over this in order to seek cheap headlines.

What Ms Spelman ought to realise is that by using this to criticise the government, she is also criticising Conservative councils across the country.
She does not strike me as the sharpest tool in the box.

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