Quick - Playstation 3 (PS3) pre-orders are available through ebuyer

In the same way as I was able to alert potential buyers about the availability of Nintendo Wii consoles before Christmas, I'd just like to make potential buyers aware that ebuyer have PS3 consoles (only 20) available to pre-order.

Am I getting one ? No. I have an X-Box 360 and a Wii. I don't want to pay £450 for a PS3 when they appear to be trying to use the console to also push their Blu-Ray High definiation DVD system on to people. I am not prepared to pay through the nose in ordr for Sony to try and sell me two things when all I want is a games console.

And why should I get one ? After all the Nintendo Wii is awesome.


Starls said...

For anyone thinking about getting a PS3, it's worth noting that no retailers (at least from anecdotal evidence from various forums around the country) have sold their allocated pre-orders.

I'm fairly confident nyone could pick one up on friday morning if the have more money than sense. Sony of course put this down a great supply chain, the real reason is that it is far too expensive, has no great titles appearing on it in the near future and power that has yet to be proven as more powerful than the XBOX.

Testament to the popularity of the Wii - you still cannot buy these off the shelves since its release last december.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Wise words indeed.

it is interesting that when I did a similar link to Wii pre-orders before Christmas I was getting 30-50 hits a day from the link. From this link I have had only three hits !