It's not a traditional British wedding without a fight

It just goes to show that it does not matter how much money you spend on a wedding, someone will always have too much to drink and want to start a fight.

Although I'm not sure it was one of the guests who started it, at least Liz Hurley can say she had a proper traditional British wedding.

Read about it HERE.


Valentine Hayes said...

Sorry this is a bit off-topic, but can I ask a silly question:

Is the picture in your posting (link below) that of a youthful David Cameron, or is it just a generic Etonian shot?



Norfolk Blogger said...

No, it is a generic photo, although he may well have had to dress like that. There were some pictures doing the rounds of him dressed similarly when at Oxford university in his "bullingdon" days, when he was part of a drinking club famous for trashing restaurants when dressed up in their toffs gear.

Valentine Hayes said...

Thanks. It's in the news that the Cameron-at-Eton pictures you refer to have been mysteriously withdrawn from circulation!

I refer you to Peter Hitchens' posting on the issue, at hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk

I don't suppose you would know where any copies exist online?


Norfolk Blogger said...

I've not got a link to the whol picture, but you can see parts of the picture at:


Valentine Hayes said...

Found it! Here: