Labour MP Jim Devine resigns as PPS over Trident

Oh my goodness, a Labour MP with principles ?

Jim Devine is reported to have resigned his position as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Health Secretary Rosie Winterton because he opposes the replacement of Trident.

Although a PPS is often described as a parliamentary bag carrier, it is the first rung on the ladder to becoming a minister and resigning from his PPS role with probably cause long term damage to his chances in the future. However, as former agent to the late Robin Cook, perhaps some of Robin's honesty and stubbornness has rubbed off.

Either way, if you agree with Jim Devine or not over the issue of Trident, it is refreshing to see a politician who is prepared to speak and act without hypocrisy.

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Anonymous said...

An number of Scots labour MP and MSP's have quit ministerial over this including Nigel Griffiths (MP) and Malcolm Chisholm (MSP). It would be nice if some of their English colleagues would also stand up and be counted.