Do the Chinese like you ? They love me !

Having read Ellee Seymours blog, it appears that she has discovered that her blog is blocked in China. I've checked mine and my blog is fine. Indeed, I knew this to be the case because Google analytics shows that for some bizarre reason, a couple of people in China regularly read my blog.

Ellee does ask why he blog is blocked. Come on Ellee, your blog is great and you come across as a nice person, but at the end of the day, you are an "evil" Tory, what do you expect ;-)


Colin said...

An EDP journalist I met a couple of times moved to a paper in China. There could be other Norfolk folk there wanting to read the latest from Norfolk blogs!

Tom Papworth said...

Maybe you're not subversive enough to block, but there are a couple of chaps on the Britain Desk at the Ministry for the Protection of the People who are keeping an eye on you, just in case you say anything controversial.

Anonymous said...

Long live the people's republic of China. Glory to Mao and the revolution. Glory for the workers of the glorious nation of China