Lord Adonis - Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance

On the subject of bringing in compulsory language teaching for children from the age of seven showed just how ignorant he is for a minister of education on BBC Radio Five Live at teatime.

I'm in favour of the policy (I already teach French to year sevens), but have real concerns about how this extra lesson will be fitted in to the timetable. We are only able to teach it to year sevens because there is more flexibility in Key Stage Three.

Anyway, he was asked how it would be fitted in to the timetable, and his reply was that "70% of Primary Schools already teach some languages so if they can do it, so can the other schools"

What Lord Adonis didn't acknowledge was that 70% of schools teach languages, but to only one year group, and usually in year 6 only with a real "push" on the subject after the SAT's have been completed. It is not true to say, or imply as he did, that 70% of Primary school children are taught languages.

How did he get his Peerage ? Wast he a large donor to the Labour Party ?

P.S. I am told he is a crony, not a particularly large donor. He jumped ship in 1995 from the Lib Dems to Labour. I guess his peerage is his 20 pieces of silver.


An Englishman in D.C. said...

No he wasn't. He was the head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit

Anonymous said...

Ah, so he was a crony instead. What a qualification for a peerage.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, he was a Lib Dem councillor

Simon said...

We're well shot of him then.

This is spin- misleading by saying something that's true, but that implies something that isn't. While it isn't lying, it is corrosive.