12% of Tories are racists - Official

Interesting story on Conservative Home reporting on the latest You Gov opinion poll. It not only reports that Lib Dem support is on the up, but it shows people's second preferences.

What it clearly shows is that 12% of Tories second choice votes would be for the BNP.

No further comment needed.


youdontknowme said...

I am standing as a candidate for the BNP in the elections and I can say we are not racist.

Most of us in my branch have none white friends. I am friends with a guy from Iran.

Get in contact with your local BNP branch and ask to go to a meeting. Don't say that you are a supporter of another party when you ask to go or you won't get the real them (they will look like they are being careful). Just watch the meeting. Talk to a few people. You don't even need to support us after that. I am not asking that. All I am asking is that you see what normal BNP members are like. If you find Norfolk BNP are racist after that then I will have to believe you seeing as you will actually have first hand experience.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I taught the son of a local Big Wig in the BNP. What his son told me about black people would make people shudder.

youdontknowme said...

So because you taught someone whose father was a member of the BNP you jump to the conclusion that all BNP members are racist? Great call. It's like hating someone because their friend had an affair with your girlfriend.

What did he say about black people?

btw in my branch we have 3 teachers and that's just counting the local committee members. From a regional training day I went to I found that teachers are probably the biggest profession that are likely support us.

Realpolitik said...

This may be because of BNP's hard line on discipline - they are in favour of reintroducing corporal punishment, are they not? This is an attractive proposition for people in areas plagued by anti-social behaviour.

Plus the constant left wing/liberal attacks on the BNP mean that people end up taking the side of the BNP because they want to defend free speech and democracy, not because they actually support their policies. I have been in that position myself.

Iain Dale said...

You failed to report that 4% of LibDem voters put the BNP in second place.

And before you say anything, I am horrified that the Tory figure is 12%.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If I'd quoted the Lib Dem figure I could have claimed two thirds less Lib Dems are racist and done a bar graph perhaps ?

I'm am pleased to hear you are horrified. I suspect you and a lot of other Tories are.

I still remember when the Lib Dems in Broadland proposed a Lib Dem, originally from Belize, as Chairman of the Council, one Tory voted against and muttered loudly so even the public could hear "I'm not voting for a black", and that wasn't many years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm a BNP supporter who lives in Norfolk and participates in BNP Norfolk. I am also a student.

I find it hilarious the reaction of Conservatives (the ones that live in their ivory towers)being 'horified' at the fact that much of the grass roots membership support the BNP. The BNP are not a racist party, we dont hate ethnic minorities. We just wish for the ethnic English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish to decide whether they wish for their land to be multicultural. So far this experiment has been a failure and to reject it as a system that restricts the liberty of the majority does not make one racist.

The BNP also wishes to pull out of the European Union, return to stronger law and order, foster a greater community spirit, end this rampent consumerism and selfishness, promote family values and uphold British culture and Christian fesitivities. All things that real Conservatives and the majority of the population believe in. All things that now only the BNP offer.

There will be a day when we look back on such immature statements regarding the BNP and its sympathisers and laugh. Especially in view of the panicy, snobbish and sterotyping attitudes of apparent 'conservatives' towards the BNP.

Get out of your ivory towers and go to a British Nationa Party meeting!