Norman Tebbit Backs BOO boys

No, Tebbit hasn't taken it upon himself to openly support those idiots who booed the England football time last week. However, he has come out in support of the BOO group, perhaps better known as the anti EU Better Off Out campaign launched last year by six Conservative MP's.

The BBC Reports on it HERE.

I wonder how well Cameron will take to this. He may want to see the whole EU debate sidelined, however, he may choose to take on the BOO boys at some point to make a point about the way he is leading the Tories.

As for Norman Tebbit, it is hardly a surprise. It wouldn't surprise me to read that he supports anti EU groups, General Pinochet, Ian Smith's regime in Rhodesia or the P W Botha is South Africa, so entrenched in the past is he.

P.S. Conservative Home report on this HERE, with thanks also to them for the artwork.

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