What a stupid headline

"Teachers back TV viewing concern" says the BBC headline HERE.

Funny, because I am a teacher and I haven't backed it. Indeed, as a topic of discussion amongst my teaching colleagues at work it today it met with a pretty mixed response. But apparently, because one teacher's union leader supports it, we all do.

Perhaps I can find one BBC employee who hates chocolate so I can put the headline "All BBC staff hate chocolate"


Tristan said...

And therein lies one of the problems of unions, especially for some reason teacher's unions.
Combine it with lazy reporting and you get the media claiming 'teachers want (insert preferred loony idea suggested by a speaker at one conference but not adopted)'

Oh and of course, unions get dominated by a few (usually left-wing) loons whilst most of the membership don't bother much...

Tristan said...

(oops, bother with the politics much - there is of course much more to unions than the politics - or at least there should be)