US attack plans for Iran put British troops at risk

The BBC has revealed US plans for any attack on Iran. Any US attack would target Iran's whole command and control network, weapons factories, airports, military bases and ports, and an attack could be triggered by an Iranian linked attack on US forces in Iraq or when the US confirms Iranian nuclear weapons production has started.

So what does this say for British forces in the South of Iraq ?

Potentially it puts UK forces in enormous danger. The south of Iraq, the British sector is almost exclusively Shia, with strong leanings and support for Iran. Any US attack is bound to lead to reprisals on UK troops, but it appears without any chance for the UK to influence US policy or decision making on whether Iran shouldn't be attacked or not.

These circumstances make it clearer than ever that we need, as Ming Campbell has stated, to have an urgent timetable for full withdrawal of UK forces from Iraq.


Tristan said...

It is hard to believe that Bush would do this, indeed, it would be illegal under the Constitution (the President does not have the power to start a war without Congress's sanction - pointing this out was the Lincoln's rise to power - Polk deployed troops in Mexican (or Texan?) territory knowing it would trigger hostilities).
Then again, this is Bush, and the Constitution doesn't seem to matter much these days...

He must be in a hurry, Blair would probably go along with it, but his successor may not...

David Allen said...

an air raid on nuclear facilities is a possibility, but a full-scale invasion, never. Iran is much bigger, its terrain much more difficult, its people much more patriotic and with much more to lose. Iran is ethnically diverse, but actually a very cohesive society _ there are no ethnic tensions to exploit as in Iraq. (Even the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei is an 'ethnic minority' _ and Azeri Turk). Ahmadinejad is already a busted flush _ immensely unpopular and with open press criticism of his nuclear fixation. The outflows of capital currently are so bad that even the bazaaris (the smal and middle level merchant class) who are traditionally the most conservative and religious section of society, must surley now be squealing and wanting MadNejad out of the way...

Anonymous said...

it's impossible a war between IRan an US , Bush has no power to raising a war against iran , i dont mean Iran army are very powerful , it's a fact that iran is not like IRaq or Afghanistan , with confusion diplomacy ,also look at David said : "its people much more patriotic"
I'm an IRanian ;)
good luck dear
(sorry i'm not fluent in English)

Norfolk Blogger said...

abintex, Thanks for your comments.

The problem is that what you say is rational and makes complete sense.

The bigger problem is that George W Bush is not rational and does not make sense, which is why we all worry.

In any other country he would be called a tyrrant and a mad man.