400-500 Jobs could go at Bernard Matthews

In the wake of the avian flu outbreak at a Bernard Matthews unit in Suffolk it is easy to forget that boycotting goods costs jobs.

Up to 500 people might lose their jobs if the boycott of Bernard Matthews products goes on for too long.

It is odd also that people are boycotting Bernard Matthews meat products when no one has caught bird flu from eating infected meat. Considering the very real threat from a human version of H5N1 and the government's planning operation today to deal with a potential outbreak of pandemic flu, it appears we have real things to worry about people should worry less about catching flu from meat.


sozzled said...

What's interesting with the job losses is that they aren't at the site where the bird flu was.

All the job losses are at their central processing site. Does this fit with them being more of a food processor than a turkey producer?

Anonymous said...

I bet the staff were in a bit of a flap!

Neil Welton said...

In a market economy the customer is always right. You are therefore wrong to blame the consumer - in the same way it is wrong for a politician to blame the voters for not voting for him. I think you will all find it is called arrogance. Bernard Matthews have only themselves to blame. For it is a management failure at the highest levels not to ensure proper procedures and necessary measures are carried out. Of course people should be sacked to cut costs - starting with the failed executives at the company. As you would do in any failing school.