BBC force Newnight presenter to wear Crimean War army surplus

Why was the presenter on Newnight wearing what could only be described as army surplus from the 19th century ?

It was exactly the sort of stuff that Sharpe, as played by Sean Bean, would wear in the ITV drama series set in the peninsular war and the crimean war.


Starls said...

Pedantic little brother here. Wasn't the Crimean war and Peninsular War about 50 years apart? Sharpe fought wholly (as a commissioned officer) in the Peninsular War.

Great books - highly recommended.

As for Newsnight - It's when you see Jeremy Paxman dressed as a Roman Centurion that you've got to worry!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Okay, I'll admit that I didn't bother to check the facts. That said, I was pretty accurate in making the link with Sharpe.

Anonymous said...

The Government is selling off surplus items - from boots to warships. Do you know the address for the website?