"War - Huh - What is it good for ?" - Next week's number 1 ?

Hilariously, given that it is such a serious subject, a group going under the title "The Ugly Rumours", the name of Tony Blair's old university band, have already entered the top ten on download sales for next week's singles chart, with a single protesting about the war in Iraq.

The song, a cover version of Edwin Starr's 70's hit "War", is promoted by the Stop the War coalition and has been promoted heavily on stop the war marches, on web forums and by e-mail. Read more about it HERE.

Wouldn't it be funny if it was number one for the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq ?
Update 18.41 27/2/07 : Harry's Place has a nice little piece on the problem with the Stop the War coalition, the groups involved and their real agenda.

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