Al Gore must learn to lead by example

I know Al Gore has a bigger house than the average person, so it isn't a fair comparison, but a report from the Tennessee Centre for Policy Research has shown that he used 20 times more energy than the average US householder.

You have to take in to account that the Tennessee Centre for Policy Research is clearly committed to "free market" principles, which I understand to mean "opposes any controls to protect the environment", so clearly this organisation has little time for Al Gore or the film "An Inconvenient Truth". However, is Al Gore doing all he can to set an example ?

I personally think that global warming is a great threat, and unlike some bloggers won't simply attack him or deny that global warming is happening because I don't like his politics or don't like the fact that he has made a success of himself after his election defeat. However, he does have to lead from the front. Has he got a wind turbine ? Solar Panels ? Any other forms of renewable energy ?

Come on Al, don't let us down now.


Ryan Morrison said...

This is sad - to many politicians shout about what people should be doing and then do the opposite in their own life. I thought Al Gore above this.

I've calculated my carbon footprint and it's a third of the national average - that doesn't mean I can't do better and to be honest getting down to an ideal isn't as difficult or expensive as it sounds.

It's just a case of being a little more flexible and a little less selfish in your lifestyle choices.

Peter Pigeon said...

I disagree, old chap. We should vote for politicians on the basis of their policies, not their lifestyles

Anonymous said...

But he isn't up for election ?