Andy D'urso proves again why fans call him Andy D'arsole

On Saturday, when refereeing the Norwich versus Coventry match, not only did the referee, a certain premiership ref called Andy D'urso, miss seven first half handballs, including one that led directly to Coventry's goal, but he also booked Darren Huckerby for diving.

Now much like Andrew Johnson for Everton, Darren Huckerby has been accused by many for being a diver, quite unfairly in my opinion. On Saturday Huckerby broke in to the box, then with a coming together of legs, Huckerby fell. Whatever else happened, and it is quite possible that the defender played the ball first, it is clear the Darren Huckerby WAS kicked. It does not mean it was a penalty, but he was definitely kicked and lost his footing as a result.

So why was he booked ? Do referees believe that anyone knocked from their feet is automatically diving ?

The irony is that if Huckerby was diving, he would not have an injury. Actually, reading HERE, Norwich City are clear that Darren Huckerby received an injury as a result of the challenge. How did he do that Mr D'Arsole if he was diving ?

The most appalling refereeing performances I have seen at Carrow Road always seem to involve Premiership referees. the professional referee's who are supposed to make our game better. The sooner we have some sort of video referee, the better, as far as I am concerned.

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Ernesto said...

Trust your reference to the official on Bob Piper's blog has no connection with the nickname you have given to the,admittedly useless, Mr. D'Urso?