Tom Wise, East of England UKIP MEP in hot water ?

With thanks to Dizzy for this and UKIP watch, it appears that another UKIP MEP is in hot water. This time it is one of my own East of England MEP's, Tom Wise.

Since the last Euro elections they have had problems with their MEP's. Kilroy left UKIP, founded a new party then left that one. Another UKIP MEP left the party, and now sits with a group of fascist parties in the European Parliament and now we have the problems with Tom Wise.

How this will affect UKIP support in the East of England remains unsure. The local TV news will, as ever, be largely ignorant of this whilst some UKIP supporters probably won't care and will assume it is an EU conspiracy.


Ellee said...

I've seen the report in our Cambridge News this evening, here is the line taken earlier today from our Party in Brussels:

Brussels, 28 February 2007 -- Following the Electoral Commission's investigation into UKIP's finances and the suspension of their MEP, Tom Wise, the Conservative Leader in the European Parliament, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, says:

"UKIP is now no more than a joke.

"With a quarter of the UKIP MEPs elected in 2004 now gone, this ragbag of has-beens is now facing financial as well as moral ruin.

"As the party boots out its own MEPs I hope the electorate boots out the whole lot in the 2009 elections.

"However, we must be vigilant that the BNP does not inherit the pantomime show that UKIP has become."

Silly man. And most unfortunate that he has a name which indicates other-wise.I remember reading about this story in the national press last year.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I agree with the comments made by the Tory MEP (for once !)