Purging the "mybloglog" scammers

For anyone who doesn't already subscribe to mybloglog, this may mean nothing at all, but I will go on anyway.

Mybloglog allows you to see other registered mybloglog users who have visited your site, it gives some basic site statistics and provides a few widgets and extras, and it certainly brings in readers.

Perhaps the nicest feature is the "my community" part which allows you to become part of a blog community so you can see who reads your blog and it allows you to remember some blogs you like too. However, this does get spoilt by scammers who claim to be part of your community, but when you check out their profile you find they are part of 3051 other communities, or some similarly high number. Why is this ? They think that by becoming part of your community, you will look at their blog, and invariably these people are selling things or they are involved in some sort of scam.

So this evening, I purged the 38 members of "my community" down to 31, getting rid of seven scammers in the process. So if anyone wonders why my community has fewer members, it is because I am honest, and I hope I don't have to pretend to have people interested in my blog as there are real people who want to read it.


IanP said...

I have to agree with your actions entirely. I too firstly purged the community members, then closed it altogether as I realised it was more a vehicle for spam enablement than anything else.
It also has to do with Google ratings, which are based on links, or the number that you can get to push your rating up.

Ryan Morrison said...

I think I need to get on with doing this as well. Spam blogs are becomming a real pain on My Blog Log as well.