Councillor freebies - Snouts in the trough ?

THIS report from the Norwich Evening News highlights the odd situation of Councillors on some councils receiving some astonishing perks.

Let me stress, given the letter of the law, they have done nothing wrong, and receiving a gift on an official visit or attending a function or event that promotes the area is really not too bad. However, it leaves a real "snouts in the trough" feeling amongst the electorate that councillors get fancy foreign trips or free days out to watch football matches when council tax continues to rise. The council may not be paying for the freebies, but councillors have a responsibility to make sure that they are seen to be living in the real world and not be on the "gravy train".

I've never received any freebies in my time as councillor, and whats more, the only time it was suggested that I might receive something in thanks for what I had done, I refused, stating that I neither expected it or deserved it as I was only doing what I was supposed to do as a councillor. What ever the situation, I would never have taken a free trip or hospitality because I know the electorate think it stinks, and to be honest, they are probably right.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is "The East of England European Office"????

Anonymous said...

Quite how a councillor going to Budapest for an e-government conference for two days at tax payers expense (albeit government money, not local taxes) will benefit the people of Norwich, goodness only knows.