Its too easy to attack UKIP, but what are the facts ?

With UKIP not "selecting" a disabled candidate, it has been easy for people to label them as picking on a poor disabled person. However, looking at UKIP home, it appears there is more to the story.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding this, but to my mind it appears the disabled chap in question made threats to go to the press "if" UKIP stood a candidate against his daughter, who appears to be a councillor for another party. Perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick and the guy in question has not made any "threats" at all, and if so, I apologise.

I would recommend everyone read the link above and see what you make of it. It certainly seems to be a more complicated story than the one the press have been reporting.


Tristan said...

Its certainly not as simple as is made out.

It does look like he didn't want his daughter to have competition from UKIP.

As for the disabled bit - UKIP is a party with low resources (even lower now) so they cannot give the support other parties would give to candidates. Given the candidate cannot canvas on his own its reasonable to not give help if the seat is not winnable (best to concentrate on winnable seats - if there's such a thing for UKIP).

I know from helping LibDems in local elections that the candidates do most of the work themselves and everyone concentrates on the winnable seats. We probably have more resources than UKIP, even with quite a small local party.
If it was a winnable seat we would give all the help we could, but in a non-winnable seat we just have to put up paper candidates regardless of ability :/

Tom Robinson said...

I appreciate your reasonable comments here about UKIP. I hold no brief for them as I oppose the Union of Scotland and England and therefore a party with UK in it will not attract my allegiance very easily, but it does appear to me that there is someconcerted effort to denigrate any and every action of UKIP many of whose members and representatives seem to me to be honourable people.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of UKIP, but this seems to be a manipulated set of circumstances aimed at getting th man's daughter an easy ride in the elections.

Lionheart said...

To be honest I don't know much about the attempted blackmail however I do support UKIP's decision. I believe there is no point in putting a candidate in a target ward if they can't physically do the job.