Researchers discover what the Lib Dems have known about for months - New boundaries favour the Tories

Its amazing what people do at University isn't it.

The University of Plymouth, renowned for their research and analysis of electoral mathematics have discovered that the new parliamentary boundaries will give the Tories a new gain of 12 seats, will mean no change for the Lib Dems and will result in a loss of seats for Labour. How come it takes a university months to discover this yet we in the Lib Dems have been talking about this and discovered it many, many months ago ?

It might be of course that it is because it is the University of Plymouth. I seem to recall them making a prediction before the 1997 general election that in North Norfolk "the Conservatives can rely on five figure majorities over a pretty evenly split opposition for some time to come". Better not tell the University of Plymouth what the result was in 1997, 2001 or 2005 then.

Read more about the "amazing discovery" HERE.


Tristan said...

The Tories are relying on boundary changes to give them a fairer representation of the vote...

Of course, we know that with FPTP it won't happen, but they're so ideologically conservative they won't consider anything else (despite the fact that STV has been used for Westminster before and multi-member constituencies were once the norm...)

I hope they don't do as well as expected, perhaps then they'll start to see that STV is in their advantage as well as being the best for the country... (I don't hold my breath however)

Newmania said...

What the hell is Tristan on about. Actually figures ranging from 20 to 40 additional seats have been mentioned and it has all been delayed by the Balls issue . This is why I expect Brown to leap early.

N Blogger . I did not say you were gay. Well I did suggest it was possible but obviously I have no idea.

All I `m saying is that...
1 You are a Lib Dum
2 You are married
3 You have consistently denied rumours concerning your orientation.
4 You claim you are not gay

...well what would you think ?