Stupidest article in today's papers goes to ... The Independent on Sunday

In the travel section of today's Independent on Sunday they have an article about the fact that some of the most amazing places in the world are going to be ruined by global warming, be these deserts, waterfalls, icy tundra, glaciers, you get the picture, so what do they recommend ?

They recommend you fly to these places to visit them before they are lost forever !

Absolutely bloody stupid or what ?

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Newmania said...

What do you suggest ? WE stay at home and do not travel. Should we perhaps have to stay whithin the village or risk becoming "outlaws"

If so I ,and merry band of free thinking Libertarians clad in Lincoln Green, will be jumping on your swollen state coffers from the bows of Sherwood Forest, Toute Suite.

A matter of life and death

I like that film but your taste in music is a bit limp..a bit , shall we say , sensitive.