Asda/Walmart - The unacceptable face of capitalism

Asda have a policy of not including size zero (UK size 4) models in their adverts. However, in a show of utter hypocrisy, Asda will now stock size zero clothes in their George range of clothing. Read about it HERE.

It seems that ethics have no role to play in Asda or Walmart and that encourging or taking advantages of people with eating disorders is more important that having real values.

I'll be avoiding Asda. I'm sure they'll not miss my trade, but if others did the same ?


Matt Marshall said...

You said they have a policy of not including size 'zero' models in adverts, that's ethical for a business! I see absolutely no problem with making clothes available to fit anyone.

Perhaps they should only stock clothes to fit people who are in the correct range on a BMI graph.

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced this is hypocrisy. They are not promoting size 0 as a healthy option. However, if you are a size 0 and need size 0 clothes then you can buy them

Bag said...

God forbid that people that are actually size 0 for any reason whatsoever should have clothes to wear.

There is a small difference between encouraging an action and fulfilling a demand when you are a business. Personally I think they are just jumping on the size 0 is bad bandwagon so we won't use the models and get our names on the list but are not as stupid as to let an entire market get away from them.

Of course most size 0 bags of bones don't look at all attractive so that helped with the advertising.

Personally I would probably do the same in this mixed up PC world we are in.

Dan said...

If you are an adult and have the waistline of an eight year old girl (a UK size four - US size zero), then that isn't fight, is it ?

Tristan said...

You're joking surely?

Some people are size 0/4 without having eating disorders.

To claim that it is unethical to provide clothing to fit people is just barmy.

I know people who are that size, they are just very small people, nothing to do with starving themselves. As a liberal surely you recognise that people come in all shapes and sizes?

This of course is before we get to the whole issue of how on earth a company can be ethical. Its sole purpose is to make money for its owners by providing services to others. So long as it does that legally and without coertion there can be nothing a liberal can complain about.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Okay, here's a question then. Why wer there no size 4 adult clothes for sale before ? What are they suddenly selling them now just at the same time as companies are using size four/zero models ?

At a time when we are told we are getting fatter as a race, how come suddenly Asda has found that there has been a large uncatered for market.