New Government law on road signs will lead to deaths

I have been informed that a new law on roads signs is likely to lead to an increase in roads deaths in rural villages across Norfolk and in other counties as repeater signs in 30mph zones will no longer be allowed in areas with street lighting. This means that local County Councils will have to waste council tax payers money by getting the signs removed.

Is there any good reason for this move by the government ? Why shouldn't motorists be warned that they are in a 30mph zone ? Why should councils waste money to take down existing signs ? How will this help improve road safety ?

Answer on a postcard please to the transport minister.


Ellee said...

I think it is because the government wants to cash in more on speeding fines.

Norfolk Blogger said...

And I hadn't realised the irony of the fact that in the same week as they are doing this they also are relaxing the rules on where speed cameras can be put.

Ed said...

The bureaucracy around speed limits is bananas - I remember a comment from a campaigner in one North Norfolk village who had been told they could not have a 30 limit til there had been a certain number of deaths - his response was to ask the Dept of Transport to provide a volunteer to be run over in order to meet the requirement...

On the other hand, I also remember reading a pamphlet from one of the rural campaigning organisations (CPRE maybe) which was highlight the mess that excessive signage was making of our environment. There are certainly some areas that are blighted by too many road signs etc.

Anonymous said...

The speed limit is 30mph on a street lit road unless it says otherwise. So if it's street lit and you can't see repeater signs - its a 30.

That said not being allowed to tell people the speed limit is lower than they might think seems a bit dim really. A valid point about street sign clutter but this isn't something which needs to be set at a national level IMO.