Democrats start to flex their muscles over Iraq

After taking control of the Senate in the US, the Democrats seemed a little unsure at first what to do over Iraq. Be too awkward towards President Bush's plans and they could be seen as not supporting the troops, do nothing and be seen as supporting President Bush. It has been a waiting game to see what they will do, but it now appears they are making their move.

The Senate is to vote on Iraq next week, and although the Senate's votes are non binding on the President, it will put clear blue water between Bush and the Democrats, but it will also "smoke out" people like John McCain and could make him less electable if he continues to support the Iraq war at any cost.

Interesting times ahead in American politics.

Read the report on the Senate HERE.


Rob said...

It all seems a little bit "procedural" rather than them ectually doing anything concrete. A bt too much gesture politics.

Edward said...

There's not a lot they really can do Rob. Cutting off funding altogether would be a potentially disastrous move, allowing Republicans to raise all those fears of Dems being weak on security again.