Shame of Manchester United's Sponsors AIG

AIG, the American Insurance company that sponsors Manchester United are accused in today's Independent of refusing to pay out on a policy that they have which was supposed to voer deaths and injuries to British servicemen serving in Iraq.

AIG claim that the soldier in question is not covered because he took his own life. They seem unable to recognise that he had an extremely high stress job that was made intolerable by his work in Iraq, leading to his suicide.

Perhaps the biggest lesson for the MOD would be to take out future policies with British Insurers. It is extremely easy for a company like AIG to be able to ignore the moral presure form Britain as they do only a tiny percentage of their business in the UK. If everyone in the UK who had an AIG policy wrote to them, they would hardly be bothered. In future, perhaps tax payers money, that has been spent on these Iraq polcies, could be better used supporting UK insurance companies who genuinely feel a moral obligation to do the right thing.


Rob said...

I often wonder if it should be incumbant on all government departments to use UK companies for such contracts. Why dhouldn't the government use its money to support UK jobs ?

Anonymous said...

I think AIG are using Manchester United and their fan base to increase the amount of customers they have in the UK. Perhaps Man Utd fans could put some pressure on them ?