Hypocricy of BBC critics - Damned if they do, damned if they don't

Plans for the BBC to gain some revenue by including adverts on its internet services for overseas surfers, the British Internet Publisher Alliance (BIPA) has come out against the plans, claiming it will diminish the BBC's reputation for impartiality and will deny revenue to the BBC's competitors.

When you realise that BIPA members include Trinity Mirror and Sky TV, isn't this a bit hypocritical ?

Sky, for example, always claim that Sky News is impartial. But it carries adverts. Are sky now admitting that they are not impartial ?

What about Sky constant complain that the BBC receives too high a license fee and should asked to run more like its commercial competitors ? Surely this is the BBC doing just that, but again, Sky does not like it.

It seems to me that the BBC is damned if they do, and damned if they don't.


Anonymous said...

That is the problem with the BBC. Too many people like to ahve a go at it, but far fewer will defend it.

People won't realise what they have got until it is gone.

David Allen said...

My heart is definitely NOT bleeding for the Beeb! The whole remit of the BBC needs to be reconsidered. IMHO, it has no business to be competing with the private sector at all. It should cover news, culture, society, major national sporting events and all the things that don't get a fair look in in the commercial sector _ or that the latter would have to charge for. It should also be open access _ give its content away free (to the whole world) say, 12 months after broadcast. And its TV news service _ like the World Service radio schedule should be completely free to any broadcaster in the world that wishes to carry it. The BBC generally should be promoting British culture, democracy, freedom of information _ not bothering with the mucky business of reality shows to try and trump independent tv in a ratings war.

Norfolk Blogger said...

David, I'd refer you to a previous blog post of mine from about a month ago which compared ITV rip offs of BBC shows.

The ITV rip offs are just awful in comparison yet they have exactly the same bried, the sme show outline, just the quality in commerical TV is lacking.

I would back up the previous poster by also suggesting that people won't know what they have got in the BBC until they lose it.